Athonite Saints and Elders

Elder Ephraim of the Skete of Saints Andrew the First-Called and Anthony the Great

The Uncreated Light

Interview of Archimandrite Ephraim: Prayer of Mind and Sincerity

Different Topics

My Sweet Love

Spiritual Battle from Different Directions

He is in our midst and we do not see Him

Βίντεο (Videos in Greek)



Saint Paisios of the Holy Mountain 1924-1994

Elder Paisios in the Experience of the Athonite Fathers

My First Encounter with Father Paisios



Elder Ephraim of Philotheou (and Arizona)

Video: "The Spiritual Warfare" (from Youtube)


Elder Nikon from the New Skete

Questions & Answers: Father Nikon

Video (with English subtitles, from Youtube): "Life after life"

Video (with English subtitles, from Youtube): "The Others"





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Saint Siluan the Athonite 1866-1938


Pyhä Porfyrios, Evangelismoksen kirkossa

Saint Porphyrios 1906-1991


Elder Sophronyv(Saharov) 1896-1993


Elder Joseph the Hesychast (1898-1959) and His Brotherhood